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We Fund Trucking Companies Every Day!

Capital Credit, Inc provides freight bill factoring services to owner-operators, small trucking companies, and large fleets nationwide.

We make the process simple to understand, provide flexible credit limits and same day decisions. This allows our prospective clients to set up their account within 4 to 5 working days.

Our receivable finance program for trucking companies is not a loan, it is simply an ongoing transfer of your freight bills for us to finance. There is no debt created, no payments to pay back, It is that easy!

Trucking Industries We Fund:

Dry Van and Flat Bed Haulers
Intermodal and Containerized Freight
Auto Carriers

Invoice Factoring for Trucking

Rates Starting at
15+ Years In Business
Fast Approval Process
Free Load Board
No Up Front Fees to Set up
No Financials Required
Low Credit Score Accepted
3 to 5 Day Initial Setup
Free Invoicing Software
Free Online Credit Check
Moving Companies
Special Equipment Haulers
Local Delivery
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Capital Credit Keeps Your Trucking Business Running

Capital Credit keeps your company moving and your revenue rolling in. Without cash flow you cannot meet all of the tremendous daily expenses that your company racks up and you would not be able to plan for any haul more loads that would expand your trucking company.

You need cash flow to make sure that your rigs are always running smoothly and you also need cash on hand to be able to get the permits you need to legally run your loads across public roads. As a trucking company, you work with a lot of customers who need you to give them credit terms in order to be able to do business with you. So you run credit checks and you give out terms that you feel comfortable with.

transportation company freight containers
With our freight factoring services, we can approve new clients in minutes and allow your drivers to pick up loads that may have been off limits in the past.

But no matter how much research you do, there will always be shippers or freight brokers who are either unable or unwilling to pay their bills on time. That forces you to find alternative ways to fund your trucking operations and that can become a downward spiral that you may never recover from.

What Makes Capital Credit Different in Trucking

Free Customized Trucking Software for Invoicing and Digital Uploading for Funding
15 Minute credit checks for new customers
Industry Specialization Allows us to Offer Higher Advance Rates
No Long Term Contracts
No Hidden Fees
No Minimum Invoice Fees
No Need to Factor All Accounts or Invoices
Four Man Team is Assigned per Client
Same Day Funding via Wire Transfer or Optional ACH

Capital Credit Offers Accounts Receivable Finance

The best way to run your trucking business efficiently and successfully is to have a financial partner that you can rely on. A bank is not going to be much help because a bank has red tape and processes that slow down your financing. A bank also is limited on credit line increase and takes very long to approve your request. You need a financial partner that is not a bank, but still understands the challenges you have to deal with each day just to make sure that your customers are happy.

Capital Credit is not a bank, but we are the best financial partner you will ever have. We are an accounts receivables financing company that has the tools and experience necessary to turn your outstanding invoices into the critical cash flow you need to run your business. We are able to look at your delivered freight bills as the assets that they really are and utilize those assets as collateral for a business line of credit. Capital Credit has years of experience in helping trucking companies to deliver premium service to their clients, while paying their ongoing expenses at the same time.

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Capital Credit Is A Factoring Company That Knows Trucking

Your financial partner cannot help you to jump the economic hurdles your business is forced to deal with unless it knows your industry inside and out. Capital Credit has spent countless years studying and working within the trucking industry. We understand the challenges that you face to meet payroll, fuel accounts current and loads on the road. We are here to show you how invoice factoring can be a real solution for the long-term success of your trucking company.

With our freight factoring services, we can approve new clients in minutes and allow your drivers to pick up loads that may have been off limits in the past. We can also offer receivables funding services that will use your outstanding invoices to pay for your ongoing fuel needs. We have fuel cards that can save you money each time you fill up a rig, and we can fill those cards with cash from your own invoiced sales.

Specialty Haulers Can Also Use Our Invoice Funding Services

At Capital Credit, we deal with a wide variety of trucking companies and help them meet their financial needs.

Truck transportation on road
We understand how tough it can be for independent truckers to process invoices and approve new customers while still trying to attend to the business of getting a load safely from the origin to the destination.

We help reefers, long haulers, heavy haulers, oil field truckers, and international haulers to get their loads to their clients on time and under budget.

In the trucking industry, the company with the fastest and most efficient service is the ones that get the most business. Capital Credit can offer invoice factoring to get your rigs to your clients on time and with everything you need to make your clients happy.

With a business line of credit funded by our funding of invoices, you will be able to have the cash you need to get the permits and special equipment you need to haul specialty loads. We can also use receivables funding to make sure that you have the cash you need to repair your rigs and keep the operating properly. A reefer with a failing refrigeration unit is not going to make you any money. You will have to repair it, and we can make sure that you have the cash on hand to get the job done.

Capital Credit Can Help Independent Truckers And Fleets

We understand how tough it can be for independent truckers to process invoices and approve new customers while still trying to attend to the business of getting a load safely from the origin to the destination. That is why we have special accounts receivables funding programs for independent truckers that can help to approve new clients in minutes and keep your rig filled with fuel as you move on down the road. With Capital Credit, independent truckers are never alone when they are working hard to expand their business.

Trucking companies with fleets have to worry about a lot of different things. Fleet maintenance can be expensive and so can keeping the permits updated for an entire fleet. When you have a large trucking company, you have payroll concerns for your dispatchers, mechanics, and everyone else you rely on to make your business run. With help from Capital Credit, you can turn your outstanding invoices into cash and make sure that you meet your payroll needs while keeping your entire fleet on the road at the same time. We offer factoring services to make sure that your fleet is always ready to meet the growing needs of your customers.

Get A Capital Credit Accounts Receivable Financing Account Active Right Now

It only takes a few minutes to fill out our application submit the materials we need to make a decision that same day. We will have your account set up in five business days or less, and then we can start advancing you cash against the face values of your outstanding invoices. Don't let another day go by without letting Capital Credit get your cash flow under control and moving your business towards a brighter future.

Get Your Trucking Fuel Card Today With Capital Credit

Capital Credit’s fuel card program was created to control costs in ways other payment methods can’t while making sure money is only spent on fuel for company vehicles. In addition, this card also offers market-leading rebates on gas and diesel fuel with every fill-up and business owners can apply online for a fuel account. Many fleet owners might be wondering if they really need a fuel card? To help you answer that question, here are some additional questions that might help you figure it out.  

  • Do you have more than one driver?
  • Are you drowning in receipts and reports?
  • Do you lack visibility on your drivers’ expenses?
  • Do you experience a consistent turnover from drivers?
  • Are your drivers driving further than needed to fill up their tanks?

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, a fuel card could be a great addition to your trucking or transportation business.

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