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What Makes Capital Credit Different?


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The growth of your business is supposed to be a triumphant occasion. When you see the number of new clients with credit terms growing, that means that your sales and marketing efforts are paying off.

It also means that your offering has met with the approval of the consumer marketplace and more people want take advantage of your product or service.

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Is Your Money Tied Up In Slow Paying Customers?


Capital Credit provides accounts receivable factoring services for small to medium sized businesses. We make the process simple to understand, flexible credit limits and same day decisions allows our prospective clients to set up their account within 3 to 5 working days. Our receivable finance program is not a loan, it is simply an ongoing transfer of your receivable assets for us to finance in a form of a purchase. There is no debt created, no payments to pay back, It is that easy!

Turn Your Invoices Into Assets With Factoring

How we help your business

Funding your business can be difficult when you do not have good credit or assets that you can use as collateral for secured loans. When you are a new business or a company with bad credit, most banks will want nothing to do with you. If you do find a bank that will give you a loan, then be prepared to pay a high interest rate, high collateral to loan ratios and low credit limits just to get the operational funding you need.

It can be frustrating when you have past due invoices that could easily help you pay your bills, but if late-paying customers are putting a crimp on your cash flow. The simple answer is factoring your invoices through Capital Credit.

Your company worked hard to generate those invoices and we believe that your invoices are assets that should be used to help fund your ongoing operations. An invoice factoring program through Capital Credit will turn your invoices into cash and treat your invoices like the corporate assets they are. Your company should be allowed to grow and prosper based on the growth in your invoiced sales and Capital Credit can make it happen.

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Capital Credit Can Help You Fund Growth Projects As Well

Capital Credit can help with your ongoing expense funding and the financing you need to get those growth projects off the ground. It becomes easier to fund other projects when you are able to meet your daily economic needs through your own resources. If you continually have to borrow money from a bank to meet payroll, then your company's ability to fund growth projects and capital purchases should be called into question. Capital Credit provides that financial stability you need to start going back to your business plan and getting your growth projects off the ground.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Is Accounts Receivable Funding?

A company that funds receivables is known as a factoring company. Factoring is the process of turning your outstanding invoices into collateral and using them to secure the line of credit you need to run your business. Factoring receivables can also allow you to take on new customers because you know that you will get your invoiced amounts on or before the invoice due dates. When you have your finances arranged in advance, it becomes much easier to monitor and control the growth of your company. Capital Credit offers the financial vehicle you need to make sure that your cash flow is always intact and your company is able to meet the challenges.

Factoring receivables for Capital Credit is a very simple and easy to understand process. You submit your invoices to your clients (and a copy to Capital Credit) with acceptable with good credit ratings, and then Capital Credit advances you cash based on the invoiced amount within 24 hours. Your account only takes three to five business days to set up and it can be seamlessly made into part of your financial process. Your customers will be able to place orders that they know will be filled and your company can start to enjoy its growth and success.

Would My Company Benefit From Accounts Receivables Factoring?

Capital Credit is the premier factoring company in the United States for small to medium sized companies. We have plenty of experience in helping all kinds of organizations to meet their financial goals. The best part about lending on receivables is that we do not need to know anything about your credit score to approve your account and process invoices. Our decisions are based solely on the financial stability of your client base, which means that you can improve your financial situation by always making sure to carefully screen clients before giving credit terms.

Capital Credit has helped companies with bad credit, good credit, and even companies with no credit at all. Our successful history with start-ups and new businesses shows just how experienced we are in helping companies to use factoring of invoices to meet their financial needs. We work in a variety of industries and we have extensive experience in helping companies to overcome their challenges because we take the time to know your business. We work with companies in trucking, staffing, manufacturing, construction, services, government contracting, medical research, oil exploration, and many more industries.

What Makes Capital Credit Different?

The growth of your business is supposed to be a triumphant occasion. When you see the number of new clients with credit terms growing, that means that your sales and marketing efforts are paying off. It also means that your offering has met with the approval of the consumer marketplace and more people want take advantage of your product or service. On the outside, company growth seems like the best thing that could ever happen to your organization. But there is a downside to growth that business owners do not understand. Growth creates problems that, if not addressed immediately, could lead to devastating results.

When your company grows too fast, that means that you do not have the capital to cover your orders. Instead of welcoming new clients with open arms, you are forced to turn clients away and wrestle with the issue of filling the new orders you have. If you don't find a solution, then your business could wind up in financial trouble. Accounts receivable financing is the answer and Capital Credit is the company that can deliver the results you need. With accounts receivable finance, you can meet your order obligations, keep your current customers happy, and take on new customers with confidence.

Why Choose capital credit?

Rates Starting at 1.59%
Higher advance rates
No need to factor all of your accounts
We accept newly formed businesses
Free credit checks and credit analysis
Simple to understand fee
No minimum invoice fee
No long term contracts
Online reporting and account status
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Accounts Receivables Financing Can Be Temporary Or Permanent

The programs offered by Capital Credit are extremely flexible in many different ways. We have receivable funding programs that can meet all of your financial needs and help you meet the operational expense challenges that you come across on a regular basis. We can also help you fill temporary financial voids, or we can become the permanent way that your company handles its cash flow. In the end, the choice is yours. We have had plenty of customers who have come to us looking for a temporary solution, but they wound up making us a permanent part of the way they do business.

Our application process requires only that you fill out and submit a two-page application. Capital Credit can make a decision the same day that we get your completed application packaged. Once we decide to approve your application, we can have your account fully operational in as little as three business days. Our process allows us to advance funds to your account within 24 hours of approving an invoice. We are fast enough to be the temporary solution you need to fill in the economic holes, and we are reliable enough to become a permanent part of the way your company operates.
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Did You Know?
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Factoring Of Invoices Allows You To Meet Important Financial Obligations

You may not think that your company can benefit from a receivables lending services offered by Capital Credit, but think about the alternatives. If you are wondering how you will make payroll and you have a stack of past due invoices on your desk, does it make sense to get involved with expensive bank lending to meet that payroll obligation? Why would you use the bank's money to meet payroll when you have your own money sitting on your desk? Invoice factoring allows you to turn those past due invoices into cash and meet payroll each and every time.

Are you having problems paying your primary vendors on time? Are your primary vendors threatening to freeze your account if you do not pay your bills soon? This kind of scenario happens all of the time in business and it is the result of bad cash flow. Rather than going to the bank and borrowing money (Assuming you get approved in days), you can just call Capital Credit and solve your cash flow problems. We will put you into an accounts receivable lending program that will turn your invoices into the cash you need to keep your primary vendors happy and your business operating. Anytime you have an important operating expense to meet, you should be able to meet it with your own cash flow. If your cash flow cannot cover the bills, then you need Capital Credit.

Take On New Business With The Help Of Capital Credit

Invoice funding is a reliable and helpful way to get the cash you need from your invoices to run your business. But there is more to invoice funding than just financing payroll. When your business starts to grow, you have several different economic elements that you have to keep a close eye on. When your business starts to grow quickly, your cash flow can start to get eclipsed by your backorders. In other words, your business will start growing faster than your company can afford to make product or offer services. It sounds like a great problem to have, but it is not a fun situation to be in. As you examine your purchasing needs and compare them to your aging report, you may have to make the decision to turn new clients away and risk the reputation of your business.

Capital Credit can make sure that you have the cash flow you need to accommodate your growing business needs. As your invoiced sales increase, Capital Credit can use accounts receivables funding to increase your business line of credit. When you work directly with Capital Credit on enhancing your company's cash flow, you can get new clients approved instantly and take their business with confidence. You will always know that you can meet order needs and you will be able to actually enjoy the growth of your own company. If you are currently struggling to maintain cash flow with the growth of your company, then you need to contact Capital Credit immediately.

Capital Credit Offers The Funding Options Banks Cannot Offer

Capital Credit is not a bank, which is a good thing for your business. Our application process is simple and we do not charge any hidden fees. We do not require any long-term commitments, we have no facility fees, and we do not have any monthly minimum requirements. We can offer you short-term financial relief, or a long-term economic process that will make your business more competitive and able to handle any growth that may come your way.

Whether your company has been in business for years or you just opened your doors last month, Capital Credit has an invoice funding plan to help your business. As long as you have outstanding invoices for creditworthy customers, then we have a program that will lift your business to the next level. The longer you wait to contact us, the more your operating expenses will pile up. The application process is short and simple, and it does not cost you anything to submit an application. Contact us today or fill out our online form Request A Quote and let Capital Credit use invoice factoring to put your invoiced sales to work for your company's future.

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