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We Provide Invoice Factoring Services

Businesses that provide services to commercial accounts are usually not tangibly collateralized for traditional lending and are least likely to get traditional funding.

Services based companies use Capital Credit's receivable factoring program for payroll, daily operating expenses and paying vendors. Our clients are able to offer credit terms to clients with ease, making them much more competitive in their market place.

What Does Capital Credit Consider In Approving A Service Based Business?

Every industry has some unique considerations but generally the service of the work must have a purchase order, work order or authorization with some type of rate confirmation, agreement or contract. The invoice will be eligible for funding once the service is completed and signed off by the customer. Usually any document the client requires accompanying the invoice will be required for funding.

Capital Credit is very flexible in underwriting new and evolving service industries. New companies are formed everyday and generate a receivable never considered for funding by a factoring company. We are very open minded in approving and funding businesses so give us an opportunity.

Service based industries eligible for funding include any business that invoices to a credit worthy account for a completed service accepted by the client: (Not limited to)

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Capital Credit has a very easy online application that you can use to get the process started. Along with the completed application, you will be prompted to send us some information that we will need to complete the process
Government Contractors
Temp Staffing factoring
Information Technology Companies
Medical Laboratories and Staffing
Temporary Staffing
Dental Labs
Security Guard Companies
Sales and Marketing
Healthcare - PTs - RNs - CNAs - OTs - MDs
Mid Management - Administrative - Technical

Don't lose out on potential sales due to customers insisting on payment terms!

Your business can grow by offering credit terms or extended payment terms to potential customers.

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What Makes Us Unique In The Factoring Industry?

Industry specialization allows us to offer higher advance rates
15 Minute credit checks for new customers
No long term contracts
No Minimum Invoice Fees
No Need to Factor All Accounts Or Invoices
No Hold Backs or Deposits Required
We accept newly formed businesses
Sole proprietors accepted
Same day funding via Wire Transfer or optional ACH
Four Man Team is Assigned per Client
Online Reporting
Simple to Understand Rates
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Your business means a great deal to you and your family. You put hours and hours a day into running your business just to make sure that it is able to meet it obligations. You have obligations to your customers, to your employees, to your vendors, and to your business partners. If you fall behind on those obligations, then you get started down a slippery slope that could lead to disaster. Every good entrepreneur has a backup plan that he uses to make sure that he is able to keep his company on good financial terms. But is your backup plan the best possible answer to all of your economic problems?

Capital Credit is a professional funding organization that can fill the gaps in your company's financing needs on a regular basis. We use accounts receivable funding to turn all of your outstanding invoices into a reliable business line of credit. Our factoring services are available to small and medium-sized businesses all over the country. We do not have any start-up fees and we do not charge monthly fees of any kind. Once your account is approved and operational, we will be able to help you maintain a reliable cash flow for as long as you want us to. We have no long-term contract requirements and we have no monthly minimums either. Our service is flexible and beneficial to your business.

Let Capital Credit Show You How Factoring Can Help Your Business

When it comes to understanding the financial services that are available to your company, it is always best to have an expert show you the way. Capital Credit has been in business for a very long time and we have helped a lot of companies to improve their cash flows and stop using expensive bank lending to fund their operations. Invoice factoring is the method we use to make sure that you get the cash you deserve and you don't have to go to a bank to keep your company in business. With factoring of invoices, we use your outstanding invoices to create a strong cash position. We are not a bank, so we do not deal in expensive bank financing. We are a factoring company and we provide you with the cash that you have already earned to help your business run.

Capital Credit has a very easy online application that you can use to get the process started. Along with the completed application, you will be prompted to send us some information that we will need to complete the process. We approve applications the same day we get them and we can have your fully-functional account set up in five business days or less. A fully-functional account allows us to use our invoice factoring services to advance you cash based on the face values of your invoices. We work together with you to develop invoice approval criteria, and then all of our approvals are done online.

Capital Credit's Accounts Receivables Funding Service Can Help Repair Bad Credit

What causes bad corporate credit? In most cases, late payments to vendors is what will make the biggest impact on your company's credit score. What is the result of having bad company credit? The problem with bad credit is that funding for larger growth projects becomes expensive and you will also find it difficult to get good credit terms with new vendors. By utilizing an accounts receivables funding program through Capital Credit, you will be able to improve your credit and give your company the financial edge it needs to succeed and grow.

How does Capital Credit help improve your company's credit rating? The simple answer is that we provide you with the cash flow you need, through receivables financing, to pay all of your vendor bills on time. When you apply for a Capital Credit account, we do not care about your credit score. We are much more interested in using your customers' good credit scores to your advantage. We can help companies with bad credit, good credit, and even no credit at all. After a few months of paying your bills on time, you will see your corporate credit score go up and your financial opportunities expand.

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Your payroll deposits are some of the most important financial transactions you will make and they are at the mercy of your cash flow. If you have cash flow issues, then you will have payroll issues.

Factoring Of Invoices Through Capital Credit Helps You Make Payroll

Your staff is your greatest asset and that asset runs on money. The honest truth is that your employees may love working for your company, but they would love it a lot less if they did not get paid on time. Your payroll deposits are some of the most important financial transactions you will make and they are at the mercy of your cash flow. If you have cash flow issues, then you will have payroll issues. Instead of going to a bank and getting long-term financing for a short-term issue, you need to contact Capital Credit and get an invoice factoring account put in place right away.

As your company grows, so does the business line of credit supplied by Capital Credit. When your increase in sales forces you to take on more personnel, then we will make sure that you always have the cash you need to meet that rising payroll. Our factoring services will turn your new invoices into cash either on or before their due dates. The confidence that an invoice factoring account provides you can allow you to hire the talented personnel you need to grow your business and meet the growing demands of your client base.

Capital Credit Uses Invoice Factoring To Be Your Financial Foundation

You can choose to use our services long-term or short-term, but we are confident that you will impressed with how smoothly your business runs when you have a strong cash flow. Our response to our customers' needs is fast enough that we can help you to get out of any financial crisis, provided you have the invoiced sales to cover your needs. Once you see just how well our process works for getting you out of trouble, you may just want to use it to prevent your company from getting into trouble in the first place.

If you have never tried factoring before, then give us a call and ask us any question you may have. You are under no obligation to use our services at any time. Even after you have an account in place, you can still decide to stop using our services at any time. But we are confident that having a reliable cash flow will become your preferred way of doing business, and that will make Capital Credit the financial partner you will always want on your side.

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