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Small Start-Up Staffing

We Fund Staffing Agencies Every Day!

Capital Credit offers flexible financing for small to medium size staffing companies. We make the process simple to understand, provide flexible credit limits and same day approval decisions. Payroll obligations is crucial for any staffing company, whether you are a start up staffing company or a seasoned agency experiencing an excessive growth rate.

What Makes Capital Credit Different?

We accept temp-staffing agencies in just about every industry and sales volume.

WE PROVIDE Free customized software for the temp-staffing Industry that uploads Invoices, timesheets and SOA for funding. Your staffing agency will save hundreds of hours in timesheet generation, invoicing and digital image management.

Invoice Factoring For Staffing Agencies

Rates Starting at
15+ Years In Business
Fast Approval Process
15 Minute credit checks
Industry specialization
No need to factor all invoices
We accept new businesses
No long term contracts
No minimum invoice fees
No need to factor all accounts
WE ACCEPT Staffing agencies with 1099 sub contractors.
WE ACCEPT Start-up temp staffing agencies.
WE ACCEPT Multiple ownership with low credit scores.
WE ACCEPT Single Account Debtor Concentrations.
WE ACCEPT Staffing agencies with an IRS or state TAX LIENS (Call for more Information).
WE PROVIDE Free customized software for the temp-staffing industry that uploads invoices, timesheets and SOA for funding.
WE PROVIDE Payroll funding for growth once a client is established.
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Is Your Staffing Agency Losing Out On Potential Sales Due To Customer Credit Terms?

Very few industries require the kind of versatility that the staffing industry requires. A good staffing company can have customers in a wide variety of industries, but that staffing company still needs to have a comprehensive understanding of each and every one of its clients. Specialty staffing companies may have narrowed their focus a little, but they still deal with a wide variety of client needs that can require years of experience and research.

Capital Credit is an invoice factoring company that  understands the nuances of the staffing world and we have the kinds of financial services you need to keep your company moving forward. One of the most important lessons Capital Credit has learned over the years is that a staffing company has a lot of things going on at the same time.

Stable Financial Partner You Need For Your Staffing Agency
Even the most organized staffing agencies can find the hectic pace of their work to be a little overwhelming. The idea of having to worry about cash flow should not be something that has to be part of a normal work day.

Many clients hire a professional employment agency because the clients do not want to invest any money in recruiting, yet they want to be able to find the most talented employment candidates available. We have seen, first hand, just how much a staffing company can rack up in daily expenses and we understand the importance of cash flow to the ongoing operations of a good staffing agency. That is why we offer customized accounts receivable financing programs for staffing companies of all sizes.

Staffing companies use Capital Credit's receivable factoring program as a payroll funding mechanism. Our clients are able to offer credit terms to clients, making them much more appealing than a competitor that is not financially capable.

Capital Credit Is The Stable Financial Partner You Need For Your Staffing Agency

There is so much that a staffing agency has to be concerned with that the idea of having to stop and worry about cash flow should not be something that has to be part of a normal work day. A staffing company owner has more important things to worry about than whether or not his customers will pay their invoices on time. But, if he does not take care of the cash flow issues for his company, then he may find himself in a lot of financial trouble.

That is where Capital Credit comes in and adds stability to your world. We are a company that factors invoices to create a stable business line of credit that you can use for anything you need. When your invoiced sales come in, we verify each invoice and then set up a cash advance based on the face value of that invoice. Instead of wondering when you will get paid for your invoices, we use our accounts receivable funding programs to make sure that your invoices get paid (funded) on or before their due dates.

The credit line is based on the credit worthiness of our client's customers, therefore credit score, balance sheet and cash flow is irrelevant in our approval decision. We can approve a newly formed business that has not generated sales, financials or cash flow reports.

Staffing Industries We Fund: (Not limited to)

Office Managers - Administrators - Clerical
Executive - Legal Secretaries - Data Entry
Medical Secretaries - Call Center Phone Attendants
Assembly - Warehouse - Distribution
Skilled - Unskilled Labor
Light Industrial - Loaders /Unloaders
Sales - Marketing - Sales Managers
Healthcare - PTs - RNs - CNAs - OTs - MDs
Mid Management - Administrative - Technical
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Staffing Companies Need The Kind Of Cash Flow Services Capital Credit Offers

When you think about the pace at which your staffing agency works, it would be hard to imagine finding days and weeks to wait for funding. But when you try to rely on a bank to help fund your operations, you will be stuck waiting for a very long time for answers to your application. Not only that, but you will be forced to pledge additional collateral, and normally the bank will provide a small credit limit due to loan ratios they have to abide by. Capital Credit is not a bank and we are not confined by the red tape that banks create.

When you work with Capital Credit, you only have to submit one application. Our application can be filled out quickly and we respond the same day you submit your application. Once we have your account in place, we will work with you to develop a seamless way for your accounting people to submit your invoices to us for funding. An approved invoice can turn into cash within 24 hours, depending on the situation. You will always have the cash you need to meet your various payroll requirements and take care of the complicated expenses that can haunt staffing agencies.

Receivable Funding Turns Your Invoices Into A Cash Asset

Your staffing agency works incredibly hard to generate every single invoice in your aging report. But when past due invoices start to take over your cash flow, it becomes difficult to see the real fruits of your labor. Capital Credit is here to tell you that you are not the only ones who see your invoices as assets. We look at all of your approved outstanding invoices as true financial assets and we are prepared to advance you cash for those assets to create the kind of working capital you need.

Diverse team staff smiling
Your staffing company can grow by offering credit terms or extended payment terms to potential customers.

Don't let bad company credit stop you from contacting Capital Credit. Our invoice factoring services rely on the credit profiles of your clients and not your company. We will give you the tools you need to leverage your customer's credit scores for your company's needs. Instead of listening to a bank give you reasons why your credit is not good enough for financing, you should give a call to Capital Credit and we will explain how receivables funding can help your business grow. We can be a temporary or permanent financial solution for your company. It is up to you. But when you see how much good a strong cash flow can do for your organization, we think that you will want to make us a permanent part of your business process.

Meet Your Clients' Needs And Pay Your Bills With Receivables Funding From Capital Credit

A company that funds receivables, such as Capital Credit, is the best business partner your staffing firm could ever have. We will make sure that your outstanding invoices turn into cash flow and that you always have the funds you need to exceed your clients' expectations. We do not make you jump through the same hoops as a bank would have you do, just so you can get at money that is yours in the first place. Our goal is to use our receivables funding services to make your business profitable, efficient, and successful. We have the programs and the experience to help you meet all of your financial challenges.

As your staffing agency grows, your financial needs will become more diverse and complicated. Capital Credit can help you meet all of those future challenges with a custom receivables funding program that will turn your aging report into a way to monitor your cash flow. Take advantage of the invoiced sales your company works so hard to generate and get an invoice factoring program set up through Capital Credit today. It will be the best business decision that your staffing agency has ever made.

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