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Why Wait For Payment?

Invoice factoring, a simple financial solution.

We offer our factoring services to many industries.  We also work with small, medium, and large companies. 

Capital Credit specializes in helping growing businesses by paying their unpaid invoices upfront so that the company can utilize the money and maintain a steady cash flow to run operations. This in turn allows businesses and companies to be able to offer and extend credit terms to clients without hurting their cash flow. Once an account receivable is created with us, we can then start paying for those invoices. Our approval process is fast and flexible even if the owner has a bad credit history. We do our best to fund businesses quickly and offer competitive rates.

Invoice Factoring Rates Starting At 1.59%

15+ Years In Business
Fast Approval Process
No Up Front Fees to Set up
No Financials Required
Low Credit Score Accepted
3 to 5 Day Initial Setup
Free Invoicing Software

What is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring is a financial solution for companies that are struggling with cash flow issues.

Factoring companies offer to pay the company directly for their unpaid invoices minus a discount. What this means is that instead of waiting 30, 40, or 60 days to receive payment in full from your customers for a service or product, the factoring company will pay you upfront and charge you an invoice factoring rate as low as 1.59%. The factoring company will be the one receiving the money from your customer when those invoices get paid in 30, 40, or 60 days, making the process easy and headache-free so you can focus on continuing the growth of your business. 

Invoice factoring turns unpaid invoices into cash fast when needed. Businesses who have to wait for their customers to pay their invoices through credit terms, but need cash flow to continue with their operations benefit greatly from this. 

Invoice factoring is that it is not a “loan.” Instead, it is a sale with a discount to a factoring company that will advance you the payment for those invoices. The huge benefit is that your business’ operations do not have to be disrupted because of a lack of cash flow and the growth and client acquisition can continue.

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Benefits of Invoice Factoring 

There are many benefits when using invoice factoring for your business:

Our approval is fast and simple when compared to traditional bank loans.
The document requirements are short and easy to understand and fill out.
we only ask that the applicant has invoices for work orders that have been satisfied, the business has been in operation for at least a year, and is free of legal issues.
Competitive low rates for the given arrangement.
Minimizes loss risks because unlike business loans with a bank, Capital Credit uses accounts receivables as collateral, therefore minimizing the risks of losing inventory, equipment, or real estate assets.
We help small businesses that have minimal sales volume, which sometimes can make it difficult to be eligible for conventional loans or lines of credit.
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You do not want to lose potential customers to your competitors because they offer or extend credit terms and you don’t. Offering credit options as well as two or more payment term choices is a great service to have as a business.

Our clients are… 

Experiencing cash flow shortages due to a slow turnover in accounts receivable
Fast-growing companies whose past earnings and sales histories will not justify traditional bank loan financing
Start-up businesses with no financing base
Principals with good or bad credit and cannot obtain traditional financing
Have lost their line of credit due to covenant violations
Need export receivable financing, credit protection, or purchase order financing

Invoice Factoring Company Helps Businesses Offer Customer Credit

In order to have the possibility of growth, it is necessary for a company to be able to offer credit flexibility to customers. You do not want to lose potential customers to your competitors because they offer or extend credit terms and you don’t. Offering credit options as well as two or more payment term choices is a great service to have as a business.  Your customers will feel more inclined towards companies that offer these payment options and will feel more comfortable with the purchase and your company will have the ability to have more growth capabilities.

The process:

Step 1

Factoring in 3 to 5 working days.

  • We require a 2-page online application
  • Signed proposal
  • An accounts receivable aging
  • Invoices with backup documentation
  • Last 3-month bank statements
  • Photo ID and Voided Check
  • Master service or distribution agreements
  • Signed Invoice Factoring Agreement

Step 2

Get funding Same Day Once Setup.

  • Every client is issued an online account
  • Upload invoices & backup with the app we provide
  • Get Funded within 24 hours after verification
  • Add new credit worthy clients as you grow
  • Free credit analysis for new clients
  • Purchase order financing available after setup
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