A Business Line Of Credit Helps Fund A Windshield Glass Company

A windshield glass company has several ways that it generates revenue with its product, which means that it has to generate a lot of product to meet demand. Not only do auto manufacturers need factory standard windshields for new car manufacturing, but replacement windshields are also a huge business for the windshield makers. Construction companies, especially companies that work in remote places, will invest in a large supply of windshields to keep their drivers and workers safe at all times. There is also the significant windshield replacement industry that revolves around consumer and commercial vehicles that are on the road every day.

The Windshield Glass Industry Is Extremely Competitive

There is not a great deal of innovation that is going on regularly in the windshield glass industry. This is mostly because the windshield needs to meet a variety of government safety guidelines and adding too much to a windshield can prevent it from meeting those guidelines. But over the years, we have seen such innovations and radio antennas in windshields, tinted portions of the glass that protect from the glare of the sun and the addition of heating elements to remove mist from rear windows. All of these innovations took a great deal of time and a significant amount of investment to create, which comes from the need for new features being complicated by federal regulations.

Another new innovation to come along with auto windshields is a series of protection features that are designed to help the owner of the vehicle in case the vehicle is stolen. These kinds of features are created to help various windshield manufacturers to stand out from each other and gain a foothold in the competitive windshield marketplace. Auto manufacturers are always looking for the next great innovation that will allow their vehicles to stand out. Many auto engineers spend time creating ideas for new windshield features, but it is up to the windshield manufacturers to turn those ideas into realities. It takes time and it costs money. In an industry where invoiced sales are not usually paid in a timely manner, cash flow for research and development is not always easy to come by.

A Windshield Glass Company Requires Cash Flow To Stay Competitive

The windshield glass manufacturing industry is a constant process of manufacturing and working with auto makers to create new ideas. The new ideas may take years to become reality, but the development part of the business still needs to be funded. If a windshield company wants to get the blessing of an auto maker, which is not necessary to sell windshields but it does help, then that company would need to invest in the research and development process on a long-term basis. When you add in the perpetual costs of supplies and payroll, it becomes easy to see why running a windshield glass manufacturing company can be expensive.

Cash flow is important to a windshield company, but it is not always easy to get. Auto makers tend to pay their bills a little late and the other sources of revenue for a windshield company also tend to delay payments as well. There are plenty of customers that pay their bills early or on time, but the past due invoices create a cash flow crisis that always sends windshield manufacturers looking for solutions. Instead of trying to fit bank lending and its high interest rates into your business model, you need to use a business line of credit that is created by the factoring of invoices. It is the way that you can create a solid stream of cash for your business that will never dry up.

A Business Line Of Credit Is Flexible And Perpetual

Capital Credit factors invoices and can supply you with the business line of credit you need to fund your windshield glass company. We have billions of dollars of resources that we can use to advance you cash based on the face values of your outstanding invoices to creditworthy clients. We deduct our small lending fee for each invoice, and then lend you the rest of the money based on using your invoices as collateral. Instead of utilizing a limited and expensive bank lending system to fund your business, you can use the flexible business line of credit created by your invoiced sales. When your invoiced sales start going up, then so will your available cash flow.

Banks will put a ceiling on how much they will lend you and that can suddenly cut off the funding for your business. Capital Credit is not a bank, so we do not have the same limitations that a bank would have. As long as you can supply us with approved invoices to creditworthy clients, then we can provide you with the funding you need to run your windshield glass company. We do not ask for your company credit score because we base all of our decisions on the credit scores of your clients. That means that we can help you if you have bad credit, no credit, if you have outstanding tax liens and even if you have just come out of bankruptcy. A business line of credit that is funded by the Capital Credit invoice factoring services is the financial answer to all of your ongoing expense questions.