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Direct lender for small business, A credit line designed to grow with sales.

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Initial funding up to $350,000

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Customer referrals available upon request. Some transactions are not listed due to the nature of them being duplicate in size and industry. Trucking and Transportation companies along with temporary staffing agencies are funded just about every day. Start Today

Funding Type Business Type Credit line Commitment Country
Factoring Small start up staffing agency in the South East region providing medical employees to healthcare centers. 250,000 USA
Factoring Transportation company in the South East region specializing in freight brokerage and storage services. 350,000 USA
Factoring Thread Protecting Manufacturer in the South West region specializing in oil service industries and supplies. 250,000 USA
Factoring Trucking company in the West Coast region with 6 units, providing long haul van and reefer services. 250,000 USA
Factoring Small machine shop invoicing a prime government contractor in the Mid-West Region. 250,000 USA
Factoring Large Packaging company in the Southwest Region of the USA, sells customized fitted boxes and foam inserts. 350,000 USA
Factoring Temp Staffing Agency specializing in oilfield services, welding, rig repairs and hauling small equipment 300,000 USA
Factoring Transportation Company specializing in heavy haulage for the oil and gas industry. 150,000 USA