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Every manufacturer dreams about having a situation where the demand for product seems to be outpacing cash flow. It can sound like a great problem to have; until it actually happens to you and you find yourself scrambling to meet orders. When you utilize factoring services from Capital Credit, your demand will never outgrow your cash flow because you will always get your invoiced payments (funding within 24 hours) on time.

Capital Credit's receivables funding programs allows you to meet the demand for your products, you can take on new clients with confidence because you know that you will have the cash to meet demand. Many manufacturers wonder how they will handle the issue of approving new customers for credit accounts when the company already feels over-extended on its expenses. With receivables financing from Capital Credit, you will never be over-extended and you will always be able to take on new clients and offer the most competitive credit terms in the industry.

Our typical manufacturing clients fall under the following parameters:

  • New business that have not established a financial history
  • Principals have poor credit or previous bankruptcy
  • They have no other collateral to offer for a loan
  • Bank refuses to extend more credit
  • Companies with seasonal or uneven sales pattern
  • Higher advance rates and credit limits

Capital Credit Uses Receivables Funding To Help Manufacturers

A manufacturing company owner watches his finances very closely. It can be difficult to set the selling price of manufactured goods because there are so many factors involved. A manufacturer wants to cover his costs and make a profit, but he also has to be very aware of what the market will allow. If you try to price your goods too high, then you could be stuck with a warehouse full of finished goods. But if you set your prices too low, then you have put a price into the marketplace that will not allow your company to make a profit. Needless to say, accurate pricing is critical to the survival of a manufacturing company.


When past due invoices start to slow down cash flow, the default reaction by a manufacturing company owner is to go outside the company for funding. But does it makes sense to go to a bank to finance your business when you have a stack of past due invoices on your desk that should cover everything? Capital Credit is a company that finances receivables by advancing you cash based on the face values of your invoices. Instead of giving you an arbitrary amount of money that may or may not cover your needs, we use our invoice factoring programs to get you the money that you need based on the outstanding balance of your receivables.

Be The First To Market When You Use Invoice Lending From Capital Credit

In the world of manufacturing, it is critically important to be the first company to bring your new product to market. Your competitors are all working on similar versions of your newest product, but you can be recognized as the industry leader if you can get your product to market first. In order to be able to be the fastest to the marketplace, you cannot have any financial snags hold up your process. From development to final product, you need to have the proper funding in place to make sure that your product hits the shelves long before any of your competitor's products do.

Capital Credit has years of experience in working with manufacturers from a variety of industries and we know how important being first to market is. We also know that you cannot be the first to market if you do not have a solid cash flow. Our receivables funding programs will take your outstanding invoices and turn them into the economic edge you need to beat the competition. We will make sure that you have the funded business line of credit you need to grab that market share and increase revenues.

Let Capital Credit Be Your Financial Edge

The invoice factoring services of Capital Credit are the business and financial advantages your manufacturing company needs to succeed. We do not have any strict requirements, which allows us to always be there when your company needs us. It takes less than five business days to get a Capital Credit account in place and operational. Once your account is approved and in place, we will be able to advance you funds against the face value of your outstanding invoices. The process is simple and the results are guaranteed.

The manufacturing industry is extremely competitive and dynamic. If your company is not able to stay up with the cutting edge of technology and stay up with the advancements in your industry, then you will not survive. With an accounts receivables funding program from Capital Credit, you will always have the cash you need to develop the very best products in your field. You will have the funding you need to meet payroll, pay vendors, and keep your operations humming right along. Your manufacturing company can use its own invoiced sales to fund future growth projects and success. Let Capital Credit be the financial answer to all of your cash flow needs. Contact us right now and get your account started today.