Blog Archives : May 2014

Capital Credit Appoints New Business Development Officer Brad Beck

Capital Credit, Inc announced today that Brad Beck has joined the firm to further develop their growing portfolio of accounts receivable factoring services. Brad Beck comes with a wealth of experience within the factoring industry in...

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Keep Qualified Personnel On Hand With Your Security Firm

The average person does not understand the complexities of the home and commercial security industries. In many instances, there are providers that offer services to residential and industrial clients. But even for companies that work in...

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Create A PR Strategy Before A Crisis

In the social media age we live in, it doesn't take much to end up in the middle of a public relations nightmare. After years of hard work, you could find yourself spending time and resources defending a comment that was taken out of...

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How To Test Applicants For Temp Jobs

Skills tests are an important part of the evaluation process when you are considering placing a temporary employee on a job assignment. Because the employee will likely work for more than one client, you need to have a broad picture of his...

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Common Legal Issues For Businesses

Part of the American dream is to own a successful business. Yet, some business owners are trying to avoid the nightmares caused by legal issues surrounding employing people and financial transactions. The good news is that common legal...

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