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Benefits of Factoring

Your business can grow by offering credit terms or extended payment terms to potential customers and let us worry about financing the receivables.

IMMEDIATE CASH FLOW - We offer funding of your qualified accounts receivable within 24 hours.

CAPITAL - Factoring is the only source of financing that grows with your sales. As sales increase, more money becomes immediately available to you. This allows you to constantly be able to meet increasing demand for your products and/or services. Capital Credit is not concerned about the traditional ratios and financial reporting required by the banking industry.

FACTORING IS QUICK AND EASY - Capital Credit's factoring application is not complex and time consuming. We do not require years of financial statements and tax returns. We simply need a customer list and some other basic information in order to qualify you. Financing can occur in as quickly as twenty-four hours and does not take numerous weeks as it does with others.

HIGHER ADVANCES - Capital Credit offers up to a 95% advance for qualified applicants. Instead of being tied to the typical 70-80% advances offered by most accounts receivable finance companies, Capital Credit offers you a higher advance equating to more cash flow and liquidity to run your day to day operations.

CONCENTRATE ON MARKETING AND SECURING NEW ACCOUNTS - As a business owner you often spend more than half of your time on collections, administration, bookkeeping, fending off suppliers, searching for capital, etc. Factoring supplies cash flow and other administrative services allowing you the peace of mind to concentrate on marketing to increase your sales volume.

NO GEOGRAPHICAL LIMITS - Capital Credit can work with a client in any part of the country and factor any account as long as it is within the United States or Canada.

OFFER CREDIT TERMS TO CUSTOMERS - By factoring, you can offer credit terms to your customers without negatively impacting your cash flow. You can increase your sales by making it easier for your customers to buy from you.

INCREASE THE BOTTOM LINE - Increasing your cash position allows your company to increase revenues and increase profits.

NO DEBT INCURRED - Factoring is not a loan, therefore no debt is incurred. Capital Credit

PURCHASES your eligible accounts receivable at a discount. We are not advancing you money against them. This keeps your balance sheet looking good, thereby, making it easier for you to obtain other types of financing. Once you have sold us your invoice, you may close it out on your aging sheet without having to add additional debt because of increased borrowing against your accounts receivable.

PROFESSIONAL COLLECTIONS - Capital Credit handles collections in a professional and productive manner. You can eliminate the overhead cost associated with having someone internally handling collections.

INVOICE PROCESSING - Capital Credit handles the work associated with processing invoices, including mailing, posting invoices to a computer, depositing checks, entering payments, and producing regular reports. You can greatly reduce your current overhead cost associated with processing invoices.Your business can grow by offering credit terms or extended payment terms to potential customers and let us worry about financing the receivables. Request a Quote Today!

    Why Choose Us?

    • Diverse industry knowledge allows us to offer higher advance rates.
    • Simple to understand fee.
    • No minimum invoice fee.
    • No long term contracts.
    • No hidden fees.
    • No need to factor all of your accounts.
    • We accept newly formed businesses.
    • Free credit checks and credit analysis for new or current customers.
    • Online reporting and account status.
    • Three man team is assigned per client.
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