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Capital Credit Incorporated is a Texas based factoring company out of Austin Texas, it is a direct lending company that provides accounts receivable factoring services for small to medium sized businesses nationwide. Our strong financial backing can support credit lines for each customer up to $2.5 million in total accounts receivable.

As a receivable finance company that works with a variety of industries, we understand how important it is for our clients to receive prompt proposals, flexible credit decisions, easy to understand fees and timely approvals. We make the process simple to understand and set up accounts within 4 to 7 working days.

The unique aspect of Capital Credit Incorporated (CCI) is not only the flexibility in accepting various industries, but also accepting start up businesses with no minimal volume requirements. We believe that small or newly formed businesses will grow, and therefore have developed the infrastructure to support small business receivable financing without creating a burden on the already cash strapped business.Our clients say the chose us over other factoring companies for the following reasons:

  • No monthly minimum requirements
  • The flexibility to factor only the clients they wanted
  • The all inclusive and easy to understand fee structure
  • Online reporting
  • Short term contract period
  • Credit approved for the smaller clients that were not D & B rated

Our Primary Clients

Any business that generates sales on credit terms to credit worthy clients. (Final Sale Only / No Consignment, Guaranteed Sales or Pre-Billing Accepted)

Primary Funding Product: Accounts Receivable Financing / Factoring.
Geographic Funding:
Nationwide domestic receivable finance.

Transaction Size: 10k to 350k with no financials needed. Up to $2.5 million per customer.
Industries: Trucking, Staffing, Service Providers, Manufacturers and Distributors.

Advance % : 70% to 95% depending on industry, account debtor quality and mix.
Rates/Fees: Rates will be determined by monthly sales volume, industry, average receivable turn, invoice size, account debtor quality and concentration. Our rates are all inclusive (no hidden fees). Fees listed on proposal will be the same on agreement.
Most proposals will include:

  • No minimum monthly volume required
  • No minimum invoice fees
  • No administrative fee, mailing fee, or credit check fee

Initial Funding: 4 to 7 working days after receiving a complete application package.
Typical Requirements:

May include but not limited to:

  • Receivable aging report
  • Recent invoice with back up documentation (i.e. purchase order/ time sheets/ bill of lading)
  • Completed Application (Two Pages)
  • Signed Proposal
  • Articles of Inc and or DBA filing
  • Copy of Sales Agreement or Rate Confirmation Agreement
  • Credit Limit Request Form per customer. (this form allows us to credit approve the clients prior to moving forward)
  • Due diligence Fee

Online reporting: Clients have a 24/7 access to account information. Reports may include aging, reserve status, fees incurred per invoice, and credit check submission for new accounts.

Reserves: The release of reserves depends on industry, account debtor quality and concentration. Usually proposed weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.

Account Representatives: Our processing center has over 25 years experience with 28 employees. Every client is assigned a four man team to insure prompt service to clients.
Advance % : 70% to 95% depending on industry, account debtor quality and mix.

Are you losing out on potential sales due to customers insisting on payment terms?
Your business can grow by offering credit terms or extended payment terms to potential customers and let us worry about financing the receivables.

See if your business qualifies for our receivable finance program. Or call today at (512) 266 - 5993.


Capital Credit Incorporated
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